Moving your personal vehicle? There’s no better choice than Driver Can Transport

Driver Can offers transport for many types of vehicles, ranging from cars, SUV’s pick-up trucks, ATV’s to motorized bikes. We can also provide shipment for NON-running or damaged vehicles. Students, employees or families who have relocated in Canada will commonly require vehicle transport.

Before planning car shipping, have the following in mind :

  • Make sure to remove all personal belongings inside the vehicle.
  • Racks or large accessories attached to the vehicle, will most likely have to be remove.
  • Spare wheel, vehicle fluids and tools stored inside the trunk must be properly stored and secure.
  • If you have a lifted or lowered suspension please notify us if transportation is possible.
  • Vehicle registration should be placed inside the glove box, using a photo copy of the registration is recommended.
  • Your fuel level at a quarter tank (¼) would be ideal, especially in winter.

Some frequently asked questions :

A serial/Vin number is a series of numbers and letters that is on your insurance papers, vehicles registration and on the vehicle itself, typically it can be located on the bottom left side of the windshield. Most vehicles have 17 digits, older models of cars and trucks may have less. The VIN of your vehicle is crucial when transporting to insure we have the correct car. Every car/truck has a unique VIN to insure we have the correct Car, think of it like a birth certificate for you vehicle.
Driving your vehicle will be more expensive than shipping your vehicle, considering your time, fuel, food, hotel costs.  Driving will add unwanted mileage, wear and tear to your vehicle. Think green; our car carriers can fit up to 8-10 vehicles per load, less fuel consumption will be used if all vehicles were driving separately to their locations.

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