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Driver Can Transport is a specialized vehicle transportation company, providing rapid and reliable transport services in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, NewFoundLand and North-Eastern United states.

In 2003 the company began operations in the town of Bethanie Quebec. A fleet of 3 trucks, trailers and 4 employees. William Driver, dispatching vehicles and operating the trucks full-time 24/7 dedicated and committed grew Driver Can transport to a fleet of 15 trucks and 23 employees.

As a family owned business, we believe honesty, respect and communication are most precious. These values are key to our success and that is why Driver Can transport will continue to expand.

We are confident in providing the best possible transportation service to our clients.

With our experience, we are able to offer you a service that meets your needs in a safe and timely manner. Trucks & trailers are washed weekly keeping our fleet immaculate. Equipped with on-board diagnostic computers, we are able to detect a problem before it ever happens. Experts in transportation, we have high standards in terms of operational safety and a quality service.

Our goal / Mission at Driver Can

Our mission at Driver Can Transport is to deliver vehicles safely and quickly as possible, offering our customers real time information.

We have designed a innovative business model which allows us to make effective delivery times, competitive rates and hassle free relationships. Dispatchers are in touch 24 /7 with the truck drivers. GPS systems installed in each truck, letting us know at all times, where your vehicles are located. This allows real time answers to our clients also truck breakdowns can be handled directly at our control center. Any delivery or pick up modifications can be transmitted to our drivers instantly.

Our Drivers

All our drivers have gone through formations of 3-5 months by our veteran drivers to assure that they have become qualified and skillful in loading and unloading vehicles. Drivers are equipped with both straps and chains to facilitate the tied down of the vehicles. Insuring your vehicles are in the hands of professionals. We are always adapting to improving procedures to maximize efficiency. Consistent clean deliveries and safety is our first concern.

Environment and sustainability

As a Canadian family owned company, we believe it is important to take action to protect the environment.

All our car carriers are equipped with computerized operating systems. The system generates up to date information for maintaining mechanics on our trucks.

Speed limiters installed allow us to control the max set speed at 105Km/h. Fuel consumption can be controlled and optimized, managing our fleet of trucks to be used more efficiently.

Cab heaters eliminate idle times, when drivers are sleeping. Engine heaters provide safe and reliable engine starts in cold weather.

We have upgraded our fleet with many brand new trucks that have advanced anti-pollution technology. We are always open minded into the newest products available to us today.

All these options we had added to our car carriers help reduce pollution for the environment in a major way.

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